Monday, September 3, 2007

How to get best home based jobs.

Home based online jobs like data entry, online data mining are great opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Particularly data entry type of jobs require minimum expertise and a lot of home based data entry jobs are available on the internet.

Your dedication is the main requirement for doing home based jobs. Working from home doesn't need a lot of knowledge but some sacrifice. You have to sacrifice some of your leisure time and work regularly on your PC.

Following are some tips to get some "work from home" freelancing jobs:
  1. Sign up with freelancing site like, oDesk, GetACoder, RentACoder, etc..
  2. Advertise on free classified websites like,,, in the work wanted section with titles like: "Looking for home based online jobs", "Searching for home based data entry jobs", "Want to work from home", "Give me some online data entry jobs" etc.
  3. Advertise on forums like DigitalPoint mentioning that you are looking for some home based data entry jobs describing your qualifications.
  4. Create profile on social networking sites like,, On your profiles mention that you are looking for online home based jobs. Be sure to mention your qualifications.
  5. Create a bolg on wordpress or blogger. Write something about yourself and mention and you are willing to do home based data entry job. Now bookmark your blog page on social bookmarking web sites like,, etc..
  6. Do not sign up on any website which charge a fee to sign up and promise to give data entry jobs. Remember no real freelancing site charge a fee for becoming a member.